My version of Bushcraftknife.

This is a new modell i going to make i call it bushcraft. I going to make it in  CPM154CM, O1 or 26C and 1774
Its 225 mm long and 30 mm wide.


After votings on British blades, BCUK and Utsidan. The steels will be CPM154CM, O1 and the swedish carbonsteel 26C. And my good friend Cegga is in progress of forging me some O1 steel for the first bushies. I got the steel from Cegga and will start to grind today.

I shaped my first Bushqueen today.
Its 29,5 mm wide and 230 mm long. Its made of 3 mm O1

The first blade finished in 2140(O1)

Here is the first of my Bushcraft knives. I going to enter a competition with it at Ramanon and will make a leathersheat to it. The handle is stained crotched maple. Looking very nice i think.


Here are some drawings on kitchenknives i think i will make. Mostly in 440C maybe some in D6.


Today i got a realy nice piece of steel D6. 10Kg. So now i will make some skinnerknives. Cegga my forging friend will forge it to usable dimesions.











New Modell

Here is a picture of a new modell that i going to call Bushking. There will be a relative to Bushkin it going to have a small guard Bushqueen. I think i will make them in 440C , CPMD2CM and a carbonsteel.

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