My Hudsonbay knife project

I have developt an interest for frontierknives and thought i should make a few and this is the first result. Its made of 6 mm 5160 and handle of buffalo scales with washers in brass. 
OAL is 312 mm
Bladelegnth: 208 mm
Width:37 mm
I will try to make a kind of tribalsheat for it. Its the first one so we have see how its going LOL.
A friend over at knifedogs were i have my personal forum, give me the ide, and have helped me to make it so autentic as possible. I am very exited about it.
I have for a long time admired Daniel Winklers  and John M Coheas works So now i had to try it. We have to see how it going. Here is the knife its a copy of an early 1800 knife.

My Big campknifemodell

Its made of 6 mm thick 5160. Its OAL is 330 mm and the blade legnth is 225 m and 45 mm wide. Handle material is canvas and its Duracoated. I am going to test it in couple of weeks time when its cured. Maybe i put some up at youtube. i Thinking on making a cuttingcomp version of it to.

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