Today i sharped my EDC

I have wanted to try to cut ciggarate papers. So when i had used my EDC, on a not so good way. I cut those wire you have  electricity in when you want to hold horses and cows inside it. It has a little ironwire inside it. Well i cut that so much that the blade looked like a saw LOL .
So it REALY needed a work out. I sharped it, and polished it. Well here is the result.:D

I used this method on my grinder.

I hade to begin with a worn out 120 grit belt on this one, it was so bad. I cut of the sawtooth and reshaped the edge. Then i used a 220 belt. 400, 30 micron and 9 micro. Then i polished it with soft wheel and G300. Its about it
Oh yes i used my convexgrining kit, so its a convex edge.

Jag har alltid velat prova o  skära ciggarate papper. Så när jag hade använt min EDC, på ett inte så bra sätt. Jag skar av stängseltråd till hästar och kor . Den har en liten stålwire i sej. He he bladet såg ut som en såg i stort sätt. Ha ha .
Så den behövde verkligen en omgång. Jag skärpte och polerade den. Den vart bra tycker jag.

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